Root Canal

Root Canal

No one looks forward to a root canal procedure, although they are a necessary part of modern dentistry. At Ashley Dental, our patients are simply amazed at how easy and pain-free our root canal procedures can be. There is no reason to fear this procedure at Ashley Dental as we have years of experience making this process go as smoothly as possible.

Long-lasting teeth

Those who choose our root canal treatment can look forward to long-lasting, healthy teeth. With appropriate care, your teeth can last throughout your lifetime after undergoing a root canal. There are also no restrictions on what you can eat. Your new tooth will be as healthy and strong as it has ever been.

Root Canal Procedure

If you need a root canal, it is important to know that you are not alone. More than 14 million root canal treatments are conducted on Americans every year. The process is completed by filling in a tooth that has become decayed. It often sounds worse than it actually is, although it is important to fix a decayed tooth before it becomes abscessed, which could lead to major health issues. Here is a look at the steps that are taken during a root canal procedure at Ashley Dental:

  • Rubber dam – The dentist will begin by placing a rubber dam around your infected tooth and that occurs after your mouth has been numbed. This keeps saliva, which contains bacteria, away from the affected tooth.
  • Attend to nerve – The dentists will then process to access the nerve of your tooth, which is why the area is numbed. The dentist will begin to drill, accessing the pulp chamber of the tooth. There are also different access points for different teeth.
  • Cleaning the tooth – Our dentist will proceed to clean the interior of the tooth as well as the pulp chamber. This is the scraping portion as the root chambers are cleared of any toxins, bacteria and loose nerve tissue.
  • Capping it off – The dentist will then cap the tooth by using a crown or a sealer compound. The sealer helps to fill in the inside of tooth after it has been thoroughly cleaned by the dentist.

If you are in need of a root canal or are experiencing any kind of tooth pain, decay, or aching, contact Ashley Dental for the best root canal Charleston, SC has to offer.