Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

The general dentistry services at Ashley Dental includes oral surgery. This involves several options as we provide safe and efficient oral surgery for patients with all sorts of problems. Here is more on the services we offer and specific problems we address at Ashley Dental.


  • Impacted wisdom teeth – This oral surgery to remove impacted wisdom teeth. Patients receive a local or general anesthesia, depending on the severity. This process requires small incisions in the gums so that the teeth can be removed.
  • Dental Implants – This procedure also requires an anesthesia and can provide you with teeth that could last a lifetime, if cared for correctly. This is carried out by attaching artificial teeth to your roots, which involves oral surgery.
  • Tooth extraction – There are lots of different reasons why a patient may need a tooth extracted. When that occurs, we take proper measures to ensure that the extraction is completed. Not all extractions require oral surgery, but those that do have a specific procedure.

Oral Surgery Procedure

The first step in all our oral surgery procedures is to identify the problem through the use of x-rays. Once we have fully diagnosed your issue, we will discuss the corrective options with you. It is important that our patients be made aware of everything that is going on with their teeth.

The next step is setting a date for surgery and taking the proper preliminary measures that will be explained to you by the team at Ashley Dental. That leads into the administration of an anesthesia, so that you will feel no pain during the procedure. We then take care of whatever issue you have with careful and skilled oral surgery.

Post Surgery

After undergoing oral surgery, patients will need someone to drive them home from the Ashley Dental location. Our staff will help facilitate the process by providing you with detailed instructions on how to treat your tooth following your specific procedure. There may be the need for a pain reliever subscription, as each situation is different. Our goal is to make sure we get you started on the most optimal road to recovery.

When you find yourself in need of oral surgery in Charleston, SC, look no further than Ashley Dental. Our general dentistry options can take care of all your dental needs. We keep your teeth healthy and your smile shining.