Veneers can change the entire look, shape and feel of your teeth. The use of veneers is a way of perfecting your smile, although this is strictly a cosmetic solution. Veneers will not fix decaying teeth, but could be used as a cover once the proper work is completed. Ashley Dental can provide you with veneers that give you a showroom smile. Veneers are an alternative to correcting a number of problems, which include the following:


  • Gaps in Teeth – This can be caused by genetics, teeth that are irregular in size, or gum disease. A gap can easily be closed by choosing to go with veneers as part of a porcelain restoration process.
  • Crooked Teeth – The process for wearing braces takes a lot of time to work, although veneers are a much quicker solution. This is a way of changing the look of teeth that are ill positioned or rotated.
  • Major Orthodontic Issues – Some patients require major work and when that is concluded, they are not always left with a perfect set of teeth. Once the work is completed, the addition of veneers can give them a whole new look

Oral Veneer procedures

The process of getting veneers typically requires two visits which are spaced out during about a six-week period. First, any oral health issues will need to be addressed. Once that is completed, imaging technology will help decide on the best shade of white for you. And when it is time to begin the process, there are several steps:

A local anesthesia will be administered and then the natural tooth will be reshaped so that the veneer will fit successfully. When using resin veneers, that compound will be applied to your tooth and more layers may be needed to mold the tooth properly. Once that is completed, the veneer is polished to provide you with an enhanced version of your smile.

When choosing porcelain veneers, an impression of your teeth is taken. That impression is then fabricated in a lab by professional technicians. Once that is completed, the veneers are sent back to the dentist office and they are fabricated and fitted during a follow-up visit.

Once you have your veneers in place, regular checkups are recommended to ensure they are working adequately. The veneers are strong and durable, although it is important to follow all the aftercare instructions. Ashley Dental informs all patients on how to care for their veneers to provide the best veneer service in Charleston, SC.