Teeth Whitening

In recent years, professional teeth whitening has become a popular and widely-used form of cosmetic dentistry. There is something special and beautiful about having a pearly-white smile that shines so oh-so-bright. Ashley Dental can give you that kind of smile with our teeth whitening service.

There are a lot of teeth whitening products for sale, although not all products are created the same. Picking up a teeth whitening product at a local store or ordering one online can actually wind up doing harm to your teeth. Your teeth have sensitivities and that’s why it is important to select the right teeth whitening service. Ashley Dental’s teeth whitening is safe and effective and there is no need to worry about negative side effects. Here are the benefits of our teeth whitening service:


  • In and out service with one easy appointment
  • Right concentration in the bleaching gel that is safe for your teeth
  • Long lasting white color on your teeth
  • Matching your teeth with the shade of your choosing
  • Expert advice on how to maintain white teeth

At Ashley Dental, we have access to the best whitening gels available and we are fully aware of which ones work the best and which ones can be harmful. The bleaching process is safe, relaxed and conducted right in our office. Professional studies have recommended teeth whitening be done under the supervision and direction of a professionally-licensed dentist.

The difference in many of the teeth whitening products on the market is the amount of bleaching concentration. The products we use at Ashley Dental are high concentration and are made to last. However, lifestyle choices could decrease the longevity of your teeth whitening. The sustained consumption of coffee, red wine and other products will impact the color of your teeth over an extended period of time.

It does not take massive applications of bleaching gel or long stretches of time to get the bright, white teeth you have always wanted. One visit to Ashley Dental will allow your smile to sparkle and shine like it never has before. As part of our service, we also recommend practices that allow you to get the most out of your teeth whitening experience.

This service is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry and is not generally covered by insurance plans. However, it is a small price to pay for a beautiful smile. Cosmetic Dentistry in Charleston, SC starts and ends at Ashley Dental as we are ready to provide you with a sparkling smile.