Crowns & Bridges

Dental work often requires different types of fixes and many times that leads to the need for crowns and bridges. At Ashley Dental, we rely on years of experience and expertise to provide individual treatment plans that meet the needs of every patient. It is our goal to provide you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. That could mean inserting a crown or bridge to complete the restoration of your smile.

Dental Crowns

The purpose of a crown is to cap a tooth and it is manufactured to fit individual teeth. Each crown is customized to match a patient’s specific tooth. One of its functions is to reshape a tooth and Ashley Dental can also match those crowns with the exact color of your teeth. The crown will look just like all your other teeth as our shades are matched so that no one can notice the difference. Crowns also give you the confidence to eat whatever you choose as they are durable and strong. These can last a lifetime with proper care and here is how they are applied:


  • Local anesthesia numbs the area and then the decay is cleared out
  • Tooth is sculpted to serve as a foundation for crown
  • An impression of tooth is generated so that it can be specifically designed
  • Temporary crown is fitted while your crown is being manufactured
  • Permanent crown replaces temporary crown
Crowns and Bridges

Dental Bridges

A bridge is sometimes confused with a crown, but the big difference is that a bridge fills in any space that remains from a tooth that may be missing. Bridges are bigger than crowns and they serve the function of keeping teeth aligned, while also fixing issues with your bite. A bridge can also be a form of protection for several teeth. There are different types of bridges you can choose from and they are as follows:

  • Fixed – This variety is most frequently chosen by patients. They are constructed with a filler tooth and connect to a pair of crowns that keep it intact.
  • Cantilever – This variety resembles a fixed bridge, although the difference is that the filler connects to a pair of crowns located on one side. These bridges are quite common in back molars.
  • Maryland – This variety is typically used as a replacement for front teeth. These connections are molded into place among teeth that are next to one another.

When it’s time for a dental crown or bridge, be sure to contact Ashley Dental for the best cosmetic dentistry Charleston, SC has to offer.