A bright white smile doesn’t have to take days of using trays, weeks of applying strips or months of using pastes. An in-office cosmetic whitening procedure can give you that celebrity-caliber smile you’ve been dreaming about.
​Before making the decision to get a professional-level whitening treatment, talk to your dentist about whether this is a procedure that will work for you or not. Keep in mind, every patient has different needs, meaning that different treatments may work better for some of them.
If you’re considering an in-office treatment, learning about the process can help you to discuss your options with your dentist. What do you need to know about whitening? Take a look at the answers to some of the top questions on this subject.

What’s the Quickest Way to Get White Teeth?

You don’t have time to spare. Between work, your family’s needs and everything else you do every day, it seems like extra time is hard to come by. That means you don’t want to waste your valuable free moments sitting at home and waiting for your teeth to whiten.
A dentist’s office whitening procedure can give you brighter teeth in as little as one session. Keep in mind, your specific needs may mean that you need a repeat session or some at-home care too.
The products that your dentist uses are stronger, or more concentrated, than over-the-counter whiteners. This doesn’t mean they use completely different ingredients to whiten your teeth. Most whiteners are peroxide-containing bleaching agents. The difference comes in the concentration of bleach.

Can Patients With Sensitive Teeth Use In-Office Whiteners?

Sensitive teeth can make whitening uncomfortable. And that’s to say the least. Before beginning a whitening treatment, let your dentist know if you often experience sensitivity. There may be an underlying problem, such as a cracked tooth or gingivitis, that is causing the issue. If the dentist determines there is a problem, treating it first can reduce the likelihood that you’ll feel sensitivity when you do whiten your teeth.
In some cases, the dentist may recommend waiting to whiten or not whiten at all. For example, if you have serious gum disease, your dentist may want to wait until you have it completely under control before starting any other treatments.

Is Whitening Permanent?

An in-office whitening procedure can give you the smile you want. But it won’t last forever. A professional-level whitening can keep your teeth looking pearly for much longer than at-home options. That said, you are likely to need a repeat procedure at some point down the road.
The length of time that your whitening lasts depends on several factors. If you regularly eat staining foods or drink staining beverages, your white teeth won’t stick around for as long as you’d like. The same goes for patients who don’t care for the dental health. You need to regularly brush and continue to visit the dentist for check-ups and cleanings.
If you want a whiter smile for a longer time, an option such as dental veneers provide a more permanent fix. Veneers are layers of ceramic material that coat your teeth. After the dentist applies these to the fronts of your teeth, you’ll have a whiter, more even smile for years.

What About the Price?

Yes, in-office whitening is more expensive initially than the at-home pastes and kits. But over time an in-office procedure may equal out to the costs of repeatedly buying over the counter strips or gels. You may need to buy more strips/gel or use them more often than you would when using a professional-level treatment.
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